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Established in one of the most famous stainless steel production bases in Guangdong Province, China in 2002,Changwen Industrial Co, Ltd. has developed into a professional manufacturer specializing in medium and high-quality stainless steel cookware with 20 -years of experience.

Our state-of-the-art factory covers an area of 98,000 square meters and we have introduced world-leading automated production lines. Compared with traditional manual production, automation ensures production at 3x and higher speeds in strict accordance with our high quality control policy to win international recognition from BSCI, FDA, LFGB etc. By giving credit to more advanced technology, we can produce 700,000 pieces of crockers and 1,300. 000 pieces of cutlery every month and export to countries and regions around the world with our experienced exporting team.

-Wide range: high – medium – promotional; hotel use – home use – Various materials:
1) Stainless steel cookware.
2) Three-layer steel vessels
3) Hard anodized aluminum cookware
4) Aluminum pots with ceramic/non-stick coating
5) Flatware and cooking utensils

-Professional and efficient service and communication -Competitive prices and price lists
-Flexible product range
-Punctual and fast delivery
-Constant and effective quality control

Китайский производитель посуды из нержавеющей стали

Chinese manufacturer of stainless steel cookware
Changwen has become a leading domestic ware company. We not only have extensive resources, advanced equipment and technology, but also a well-trained, experienced and cohesive team. We specialize in producing all kinds of stainless steel household utensils, such as pot sets, whistle kettles and cutlery sets.

Посуда из нержавеющей стали в наличии

Stainless steel cookware set available

Changwen specializes in supplying kitchenware such as pot sets, frying pans, steamers, cooking pots, sauce pans, baking trays, kettles, spoons and so on to enterprises with kitchenware brands, supermarket chains and kitchenware stores.

Высококачественный набор горшков

High quality stainless steel pot
Our wide range, high quality, reasonable price and stylish design make our tableware popular in Russia. We warmly welcome customers from Russia to contact us to establish business cooperation and establish long-term business relationships.

Introduction to the factory
Sales team: 10 qualified and professional employees ensuring efficient and smooth communication with customers
R&D team: 8 employees helping customers design and develop new ideas
Tooling Department: 30 employees, mainly responsible for designing tools and transforming ideas into reality.
Main production: responsible for the entire production process and covering 95% of the supply chain. In particular, we produce our own spare parts such as lids, knives and handles, gift boxes, cartons, rivets, polybags, etc.
Design studio: a professional team of photographers and designers who help clients create free product photo sessions and artwork.
WHAT WE PROMISE: Professional and efficient service and communication – Competitive prices and valuations
Flexible product range
Punctual and fast delivery
Constant and efficient quality control

производитель наборов кастрюль
производитель наборов кастрюль
производитель наборов кастрюль

Equipment for the production of stainless steel cookware

производитель наборов кастрюль

Production line for stainless steel cookware

производитель наборов кастрюль
производитель наборов кастрюль

Production process
We introduce fully automated production machines and fulfill your orders strictly on time and in accordance with quality and quantity.

1. raw material
3.deep drawing
4.impact gluing
7. cleaning
8.quality control
9. packing

процесс производства посуды


Intellectual Property and Compliance Management

We have obtained the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certificate, the LFGB food contact safety certificate and the BSCl corporate social responsibility certificate.
In the future, we will continue to strive for compliance and standardization of our management system.
We file over 30 patents for inventions and utility models every year and maintain our market leadership through continuous technological innovation.


Patent system

We have received over 30 patent certificates.

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