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Commercial stock pots are widely used in restaurants and canteens for preparing soups, porridges and food processing. The 304 stainless steel soup pot has a composite bottom and is suitable for gas and induction hobs.
The Changwen stainless steel soup pot is made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel. It is hard, durable and has good thermal conductivity. The thickened bottom of the pot is designed for even heating, quick heat dissipation and long service life. The arc-shaped handle is ergonomically designed and uses advanced cold steel technology, so it does not conduct heat or burn your hands, and at the same time is comfortable to hold and very pleasant to the touch. The stainless steel pot cover is made of exquisite materials, unique shape and perfect sealing. The handle on the pot lid is comfortable to hold, it is not easy to burn your hands, and the workmanship is extremely refined. The rounded edges are very smooth, safe, solid and durable in use.
Sizes range from 1 quart to 200 quarts.

When choosing a restaurant soup kettle, you should pay attention to the design details of the restaurant soup kettle, which are explained in the following five steps:
The first step is to pay attention to whether the soup pot has a solid shape, whether it is easy to clean and whether it hides dirt.
The second step is to pay attention to the compatibility of the restaurant’s soup pot, e.g. gas, induction, electric and toaster ovens can use to facilitate the restaurant’s use.
The third step is to pay attention to the precautions for restaurant soup pots, such as prohibiting the use of hot stove, prohibiting the use of strong flame, prohibiting dry firing of empty pots, etc.
The fourth step is to pay attention to the soup pot polishing process in the restaurant, such as whether the bright mirror varnish makes the pot look nicer and whether there is a handle designed to effectively prevent scalding.
The fifth step is to pay attention to the choice of material for the restaurant soup pot, for example, stainless steel can make the hot pot good quality and strong bearing capacity etc.
The sixth step is to pay attention to the size of the soup pot, e.g. material, color classification and volume of water it can hold.

About Changwen Stainless Steel Cookware Manufacturer

Changwen is a Chinese stainless steel cookware manufacturer, with over 20 years of history of stainless steel cookware factory, producing pots and pans from various materials in various shapes and colors. The stainless steel tableware produced by Changwen has a beautiful shape, exquisite structure, is durable and not deformed. The stainless steel cooking utensils sets, frying pans, soup pots, frying pans, frying pans, steamers, ovens and kettles produced by the company can perform various functions such as frying, baking, stewing in everyday life.

Over the years, Changwen has supplied stainless steel cookware to more than 2,000 customers around the world and has become a reliable supplier and supplier of stainless steel cookware to customers due to its excellent quality, exquisite workmanship, unique shape and rich product range.

Changwen supplies stainless steel kitchenware wholesale and accepts OEM/ODM orders. It is the preferred manufacturer and supplier of wholesale custom stainless steel cookware.

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