Stainless steel frying pan

Which frying pan is the best?
The pan is more suitable for frying, it can also be used for stir frying. You could say it is both Chinese and Western. In general, it is very practical to fry fish at home, steak or pancake when you are in a hurry to work in the morning. There are many types of frying pans available on the market. Generally, they are mainly divided into aluminum pans, stainless steel pans, cast iron pans and non-stick pans.
1. Aluminum frying pan
Aluminum pans are characterized by better thermal conductivity, lighter materials and lower price. However, the quality of aluminum pans leaves much to be desired. Once aluminum enters the human body, it becomes harmful to health.
2. Stainless steel frying pan
Stainless steel frying pan has the advantages of beauty, easy to clean, etc. At the same time, it has the advantages of durability, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, easy processing and no deformation. It is widely used in pots and kitchen utensils, with 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel being the most common.
3. Iron Frying Pan
Iron frying pans are the most traditional frying pans in China. Using this pan frequently can help your body replenish its iron stores. This type of pan is very healthy, and food fried in a cast iron pan is very aromatic. However, cast iron skillets have disadvantages such as rusting easily and being difficult to clean.
4. Non-stick frying pan
The non-stick pan does not stick to the pan and is easy to clean. It minimizes oil consumption and helps reduce fat consumption. The most popular non-stick pans on the market are mainly divided into two categories, namely Teflon (PTFE) coated and ceramic coated. Teflon, the scientific name is polytetrafluoroethylene, and the English abbreviation is PTFE. It is a high molecular weight compound polymerized with tetrafluoroethylene that has excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance. It can work for a long time at temperatures from +250°C to -180°C). Therefore, this material is the most widely used non-stick pan in the market. Frying pans with a ceramic non-stick coating are also very safe, they do not contain PTFE or PFOA and withstand high temperatures up to 450°C. Even if the temperature exceeds 450°C, no harmful fumes are produced. Although the high temperature range of ceramic coating is superior to Teflon, the high temperature of 250°C is sufficient for daily cooking, and the price of Teflon coating is cheaper than ceramic. When choosing, consider it comprehensively.

About Changwen Stainless Steel Cookware Manufacturer

Changwen is a Chinese stainless steel cookware manufacturer, with over 20 years of history of stainless steel cookware factory, producing pots and pans from various materials in various shapes and colors. The stainless steel tableware produced by Changwen has a beautiful shape, exquisite structure, is durable and not deformed. The stainless steel cooking utensils sets, frying pans, soup pots, frying pans, frying pans, steamers, ovens and kettles produced by the company can perform various functions such as frying, baking, stewing in everyday life.

Over the years, Changwen has supplied stainless steel cookware to more than 2,000 customers around the world and has become a reliable supplier and supplier of stainless steel cookware to customers due to its excellent quality, exquisite workmanship, unique shape and rich product range.

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