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Set of stainless steel saucepans Set CW-16028

16*7.5 cm saucepan with lid
18*8.5 cm saucepan with lid 20*9.5 cm saucepan with lid 24*11.0 cm
saucepan with lid Frying pan 24*4.5 cm Frying pan 24*5.0 cm Frying pan 26*5.5 cm

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Product name
Set of stainless steel cooking utensils
Material from
Available sizes
Cover is available
stainless steel
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Advantages of stainless steel cookware
– Tough, non-corrosive, non-reactive, long-lasting
– Perfect for acidic foods and sauces
– Non-reactive, retaining flavor from one dish to the next
– Very hygienic – does not retain food or bacteria
– Various metal coatings for improved performance
Individual logos welcome
delivery date
Within 60 days of receiving the deposit.
Quality standard
Control based on AQL 2.5/4.0.
Test completion time
7 – 15 days

Wyposażenie Fabryczne:
Nasza fabryka zajmuje powierzchnię 98 000 metrów kwadratowych. Miesięcznie jesteśmy w stanie wyprodukować 700 000 szt. zastawy stołowej i 1 300 000 szt. sztućców. Uznany przez BSCI, FDA, LFGB itp.

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