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Best kitchenware supplier – Changwen

Changwen stainless steel cookware set

Changwen, a Chinese cookware manufacturer, produces pots made from a variety of materials in different shapes and colors. The pots produced by Changwen have beautiful appearance, exquisite structure, durability and no deformation. Stainless steel cookware, patelnia, saucepan, sauté pan, wok, steamer, roaster and kettle can perform various functions such as frying, stirring, baking and stewing in daily life.
Over the years, Changwen has won the trust and recognition of many consumers with excellent quality, exquisite craftsmanship, unique shape and rich variety, and its products have been exported to many countries and regions in the world.
OEM/ODM services.

The services we provide

Stainless steel cookware OEM/ODM customization

Integrated custom manufacturing, from cutting, deep drawing, polishing, cover, buttons and handles, assembly, gift box, cardboard, rivets, polybag, is completed by our factory. We also have good scale to ensure quality, delivery time and strong production capacity, we can also return production progress at any time.


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4. Confirmation and payment

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7. Delivery

8. After-sales service

комплект горшков oem

About us

Over 20 years of experience

Since our founding in 2002, we are proud to have earned the trust and loyalty of countless customers. With a complete industrial chain, we provide our customers with high-quality products and services to meet their needs.

Changwen conducts in-depth market research on customers’ tableware. Combined with specific needs, the professional R&D team develops high-quality products and complete solutions to make cookware more suitable and accurate for customers’ target markets, and also helps them explore market needs more deeply.

We pride ourselves on being innovators of the highest standards, using rigorous methods and cutting-edge technology to drive the industry forward. By following a meticulous and rigorous philosophy, we have become a TOP manufacturer in China.

– CEO: Gavin Liu

Modern factory

Production per year

Assembly lines

Skilled workers

cookware factory
cookware factory
cookware factory
cookware factory
cookware factory
cookware factory

Changwen Cookware, the best manufacturer of stainless steel cookware

A universal solution for the production of cookware

We have always been a leader in the cookware industry and provide our customers with a full range of kitchen services.
We can combine elements in various shapes, colors and materials for stainless steel pots. The bottom of the pan can be selected as single layer, three layer, five layer or custom made according to your needs.

Процесс производства горшков


Процесс производства горшков

Deep Drawing

Процесс производства горшков


Процесс производства горшков


Процесс производства горшков

Handles and knobs

Процесс производства горшков


Процесс производства горшков

Colorful boxes

Процесс производства горшков

Collective cartons

Flexible customization

Set up your own set of pans

Настроить набор кастрюль

Material from
Stainless steel 304/316L

Настроить набор кастрюль

Logo position
Engraved logo on knobs/buttons, laser logo, engraved logo, bottom branding

Настроить набор кастрюль

Handles to choose from
Stainless steel, Bakelite, silicone, coated

Настроить набор кастрюль

Glass cover, stainless steel cover, stainless steel cover combined with glass

Experience and technology

Global competitive advantages

Changwen kitchenware always has a triple responsibility: multifunctionality, safety properties and decorative requirements. Changwen believes that the utensils used in the kitchen are not only convenient for cooking, but also ensure that the cooked food is safe, non-toxic and residue-free.
The cookware set must match the refined design of customers so that they can have more fun cooking at home.
There are not many cookware manufacturers in the market who can meet the needs of customers in many aspects. After more than 20 years of market research and customer feedback, Changwen constantly improves its products and provides customers with high-quality, safe and exquisite cookware. Changwen strives to improve convenient and healthy cooking for customers.

Ability to design
Production capacity
Quality control
Advanced equipment
Customers served
Long-term partners

Positive Feedback

Customer’s satisfaction

When I first started making cookware, I knew little about the market. With Dallas’ help, I quickly learned the style preferences of local users and developed a combination of different pots. As a result, my customers love my products. Thank you Dallas for your help.

AlfredoMarketing Manager

There are many types of products I want to buy. I looked for many manufacturers on the market, but none of them could meet my requirements. Until I found Changwen, their adaptability met my varied needs, and their delivery times were accurate and I replenished my stock on time.


Many of my clients are well known in the industry and they pay more attention to the quality of their products. Changwen has CE, RoHS and other certificates to meet our customers’ quality requirements. Their prices are also very reasonable. I will continue to work with them in the future.




Contact us to get a quote for your project, our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

Changwen designs and produces high-quality multi-layer stainless steel cookware that meets customers’ culinary requirements. You’ll find that we produce high-quality multi-layer stainless steel cookware that will best suit your needs if:
1. Global brand looking for high quality ODM supply partners.
2. Retailer of stainless steel cookware.
3. Direct sales / multi-level marketing company looking for a unique line of high quality and well-designed stainless steel cookware.
4. Retailers who have just entered the beverage market;
5. Find an exclusive line of high-quality multi-layer stainless steel cookware and induction-compatible stainless steel cookware for your private label;
6. You need an expert to design a premium range of laminated stainless steel and induction compatible stainless steel cookware for you.

Your trusted kitchenware supplier in China

*We respect your privacy and protect all information.

Frequently asked questions that may concern you

1: Do you run a factory or trading company?
We are a manufacturer of stainless steel kitchenware with over 20 years of production experience.

2: Can I freely combine the contents of the dinner set?
Of course, you can add or remove items from the set and choose the size of each item.

3: What can I customize?
New shapes, new designs, accessories, packaging, logos, patterns, sizes.

4: Can I get samples? If so, how can I do it?
Yes, please contact us about your needs, we will send samples according to your requirements.

5: What is your MOQ?
Usually 1000 pieces. If the product you need is in production, we can reduce the MOQ accordingly to facilitate our cooperation.

6: If I place an order, how long will it take to ship?
Typically 15 to 45 days. This is related to the size of the order. But don’t worry, we will deliver the goods on the agreed date.

7. How can we guarantee the quality?
Always preliminary sample before mass production.
Always final check before sending.

8: What are our packing conditions?
We usually pack our products in neutral colored boxes and brown cartons. If you have a legally registered patent, we can pack the product in your branded boxes after receiving your authorization letters. Of course, we can support customization according to your requirements.

9: What are your payment terms?
Irrevocable letter of credit on site, T/T with deposit.

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