Stainless steel saucepan

How to turn a stainless steel frying pan into a non-stick frying pan
1. Prepare a stainless steel pan and clean it.
3. Then prepare a steel brush and vigorously brush the inside of the pan with boiling vinegar (put an extra piece of sponge so that the brush does not burn your hands). At this stage, brush every area thoroughly and vigorously (especially the surface in contact with the fried elements). This removes dirt and contaminants that are trapped in the capillary pores of the stainless steel. After brushing, strain out the white vinegar and rinse with clean water.
4. Next, heat the pan over high heat until all the water droplets have evaporated, then continue heating until the pan is very hot (not so hot that it burns the pan). Pour some water into the pan to check how hot it is. Water droplets roll on the surface of the pan, somewhat resembling mercury (on the right side of the photo above), then the pan is hot enough.
5. At this point, switch the heat to medium-low and add the salad oil (or whatever oil you normally cook in), then continue shaking and swirling the pan. Make sure the inside of the pan is sticking to the oil. Meanwhile, heat the pan over medium to low heat and leave the oil in the pan for at least two to three minutes. This process is necessary so that the capillary pores on the surface of the stainless steel pan can absorb the oil to achieve the effect of a non-stick pan.
6. Turn off the heat almost immediately, by which time the pot lifting will be complete. If you need to cook, you can start cooking. If you don’t need to use it for cooking right away, pour out the oil once it cools down and wash the pan with water and dish soap. When you dry the pan, you will notice that it feels very greasy to the touch.

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