Patelnia ze stali nierdzewnej jest spalona. Która metoda jest najlepsza do czyszczenia

The stainless steel frying pan is burnt. Which method is best for cleaning

A stainless steel wok is the type of cooker that many families are purchasing now. In addition to their attractive appearance, stainless steel pans are also characterized by corrosion resistance, safety and health. However, stainless steel pans also have an unpleasant disadvantage. If stainless steel pans are used carelessly and burn, they will char and turn black. What to do if your stainless steel pan burns out? There are many cleaning methods, but which one gives the best result? Which one will help save time and labor costs when cleaning with different degrees of combustion?

Daily cleaning:

1. Usually, if you wipe with a cleaning cloth and a steel wire ball, it will leave a black residue, which is not only unsightly but also affects your health when heated;

2. To be clean, first pour a detergent bottle with a lid into the bowl;

3. Pour in two more capfuls of ketchup;

4. Add 3 water bottles with lids;

5. Materials must be well prepared and evenly mixed;

6. Pour into a stainless steel dish, smear the area with black dirt and leave for 10 minutes;

7. Finally, wipe the mixture with a cloth, kneading and rubbing;

8. After washing with water, the stainless steel frying pan will be as good as new.

Total black scale:

1. If the black dirt in the stainless steel pot is not very serious, you can pour baking soda into the pot;

2. Then wipe with a damp cloth or cleaning cloth;

Tips: 2 portions of baking soda + 1 portion of water can clean any other stainless steel products, such as refrigerator doors, cabinets, etc. After mixing with the liquid, wet a towel and then wipe it ~

Durable Black Scale:

1. If there is stubborn black gunk left in your stainless steel pan, you can pour a mixture of vinegar and water into it;

2. Vinegar and water ratio 2:8, bring to a boil;

3. After cooking for 1 minute, turn off the heat, add a little baking soda and set aside for 10 minutes until the pot cools down. Then pour out the mixture and rinse it with water and a sponge.

Depending on the degree of combustion, you can choose the most appropriate method.

How to stop a stainless steel pan from burning black

1. When using stainless steel pans, the heat should not be too high or concentrated. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to burn a stainless steel pan black. Recommended

Use low heat to heat the bottom of the pan evenly and slowly.

2. If you use a stainless steel pan, keep not only the inside of the pan but also the bottom clean. If there is dirt under the bottom of the pan, you can easily get burned when exposed to fire.

3. After using your stainless steel pan, please clean and dry it before next use. If the bottom of the pan gets wet during use, it will easily turn black when heat is added.

4. If you find that the bottom of the pan is burnt, clean it. When cleaning, if there is dirt underneath, first remove it and then slowly scrub it with detergent soaked in the wire.

5. If we keep the stainless steel pan clean regularly and pay more attention, the stainless steel pan will always be as bright as the one we just bought. In addition, a stainless steel pan cannot be dry fired, otherwise it will not only be low, but also black, even the inside of the pan will turn black.

Tips for using stainless steel frying pans

1. When using a stainless steel pan for the first time, please pay attention to:

When using stainless steel pots and tools for the first time, first warm the pots and tools with clean water and vinegar, then wash them with hot water, and then wipe them dry inside and out before use.

2. Please pay attention to:

1. Before cooking, wipe off any water or oil stains inside and outside the pan to prevent the pan from yellowing or blackening after high-temperature cooking.

2. Avoid burning the stove in the air for a long time, it may cause its deformation and affect its service life.

3. The capacity of the food should not exceed the maximum scale indicated on the pan or be controlled within 80% of the capacity of the pot.

4. Try to cook on low heat.

5. Do not sprinkle salt directly on the surface of the pan. Add salt to boiling water or hot liquid.

6. Do not put acidic or alkaline foods in the pan for a long time to avoid corrosion of the pan surface.

7. Only pots with stainless steel handles can be placed in the oven.

3. Note after using stainless steel pan:

1. After use, wash the pots and tools with the remaining temperature of the pots and tools, add water and a little detergent, wipe the pots and tools with a soft cloth or sponge, then dry the pots

and tools inside and outside. After cleaning, dry the cloth.

2. Avoid washing pots and pans with cold water at high temperature, so as not to produce a large amount of water mist, making it difficult to clean the pots and pans. It is recommended to use warm water for cleaning.

3. Wipe stainless steel pots and utensils after washing them with clean water, otherwise a small amount of detergent left in the pots and utensils will cause surface corrosion in humid conditions.

What foods are suitable for cooking in a stainless steel pan?

A good pot is an essential tool to become a kitchen god, nurse and father. What can stainless steel cookware do?

Frying pan

Frying pan: Non-stick coated top or bottom pan with a diameter of 28 cm or more, or a stainless steel frying pan with a flat bottom and a diameter of approximately 20 cm.

The non-stick frying pan is suitable for fried noodles, egg cakes, slippery eggs, fried fish, etc., which can reduce the amount of cooking oil.

The stainless steel pan with a flat bottom is suitable for frying steaks, lamb chops, etc. that require frying. It can be served in a pan or directly into the oven using an open flame.

A pot of soup

Soup pot: stainless steel pot with a diameter of 24 cm.

The stainless steel frying pan is suitable for cooking noodles, dumplings, wontons, dumplings and other noodles.


Steaming pan: Stainless steel frying pan with steaming plate, approximately 30 cm in diameter.

Suitable for: Steaming all types of bread and cereals. When there are many guests, he can sometimes act as a messenger with a large pot of soup.

Frying pan

Wok: Large stainless steel wok.

Best for: Chinese frying.

The taste of the dish can be further improved by stirring it over high heat.


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